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february + march highlights

Hey guys! So my February and March have kinda merged together and whizzed by as I have been SWAMPED with uni work! I’ve just finished classes TODAY (yahoo!) and can finally take a little bit of a breather. I’ve got 4 exams coming up at the end of April/May which I’m really not looking forward to but oh well lol. (I cannot explain my excitement to finish this year though, most horrible year of uni ever)

Anyway. Since I missed doing my February favourites (and tbh don’t have many favourites to share as of lately), I’ve decided to combine my February and March ‘Favourites’ into one big post which is really my highlights of these months. More things I’ve done as well as some things I’ve been loving! Let’s jump right in with the beginning of February…


AJ Tracey’s Self Titled Album

This album dropped February 8th and I’ve been bopping it ever since! Featuring Butterflies and Psych Out! alongside some country influenced rap, this album is one of a kind. AJ is constantly producing banger after banger and this album has PROVIDED on all levels. (And AJ also shares a birthday with my mama 4th March – a day of GOATs) My favourite song on the album is the much anticipated Wifey Riddim 3.

Valentine’s Day

Euan and I celebrated out second Valentine’s Day together a day early (due to me working on actual Valentine’s and Euan having football training also). We went out for a lovely meal and bottle of wine at an Italian restaurant in town followed shortly after by a few drinks in the pub. Fair to say we got home a little bit tipsy! It was a really nice break for us, a good bit of fun amongst our hectic uni lives. (Plus I really liked my outfit which you can peep here on my insta)

Penguin Highway


The next Studio Ghibli? This 2018 Japanese movie called Penguin Highway has been touring around the UK as part of the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme. With Miyazaki retiring it is thought what will be the next Studio Ghibli – with Penguin Highway being a huge success the new Studio Colorido might just be it?! This movie is honestly just as creative and wacky as any Studio Ghibli movie I’ve seen and even centres around a young protagonist. It tells the tale of a young boy called Aoyama – a little scientist who loves a good experiment and really likes boobs lol. With penguins randomly appearing in the suburbs of Japan something isn’t adding up and who better to investigate the case than Aoyama himself who’s seen the penguins first hand!

Through and through, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and it definitely deserved a mention in here as it was a great date night for me and Euan (plus a little eventful with him losing his phone and finding it the next day smashed and bent lol). It was different, fun and the penguins were so cute! Definite Ghibli vibes so if you dig Ghibli get on this movie ASAP, it might just be the next big thing?

AJ Tracey at the O2 Academy in Glasgowsnapchat-19697919008237968476232138036.jpg

Right so I already talked about and hyped up his new album but guess what, ya girl went to see him March 15th!! After buying my tickets back in November I’ve been so hyped about it ever since and it’s gotten me through this semester. (We might have ditched all our classes that Friday to finish an assignment so we could go lol) We headed to Glasgow at 4pm, had our tea at Gourmet Burger Kitchen and then had a blast seeing AJ! Kicking off with his latest album, some of the Secure the Bag! album and even oldies like Pasta – girl u bet I was in my element. A night of letting loose and having fun before heading back to reality the next day. Maybe I’ll see Dave next…

Paddy’s Day and Dundee v. Celticsnapchat-6977412407854079268682069741.jpg

I really let go this weekend – uni really got to me and I was just like fuck it, let’s have some fun. The 17th March was St Patrick’s day and also marked my very first football game! It was Dundee v Celtic and although I was sat in the Dundee stand I was supporting Celtic (maybe it’s cause they were on my coupon lol). Nevertheless, the atmosphere was great and it was a good match despite Dundee being really low (if not bottom) of the league with Celtic scoring the winner in the 95th minute. Plus a pie at half-time and Euan subjecting me to drink Bovril was an experience. (Bovril is just beef stock, felt so weird to drink but maybe I’m just not Scottish enough for it haha)

After the game we headed straight down town to the pub to join a few friends, have a few drinks, play a few games of pool and then headed up the road to have a (slightly tipsy) family dinner at mine! After filling up (and sobering up) on good food and a quiz or two with the family, we headed down to a flat party our friends were having. Ended up drinking more and I swear my hangover from the day drinking and all that kicked in at around 2am! I actual woke up so fresh cause I had my hangover through the night lmao. Again, a really good night and well-deserved break from uni/life.

Dundee Utd v. Alloa and a 21st!img_20190324_170533_3248044127804743258298.jpg

23rd of March I went to my second football game! (Not even a week later lol I must’ve enjoyed it) Although Dundee Utd v Alloa wasn’t the most exhilarating game it was fun nonetheless! (with Euan trying to convert me to an Alloa supporter lol) That night followed the celebrations for my friends 21st. We’ve been friends since we were just 5 so it’s been a hell of a long time and a good time! Although we’ve drifted apart over the years and have taken different paths in life we always try to get together and celebrate when we can.

Now lemme tell you, as cheap as the night was I was WRECKED. My friend works for the club we were going to so not only did I get free entry but I got free drinks as well (and a cheeky cocktail). And obviously you can’t say no to free alcohol so you bet I spent all of the Sunday crippled in bed eating McDonald’s and binge watching Brooklyn nine nine with Euan.

Revolution Pro Regeneration – Trends Mischief Mattes Palette revolution-pro-regeneration-eyeshadow-palette-mischief-matte-758587

What would a favourites be without a shoutout to some makeup I’m loving? This was such a spur of the moment purchase as Superdrug had a 3 for 2 deal on across all makeup (and I couldn’t JUST buy mascara I needed, I just had to get 3 things). This palette, a revolution mascara as well as an NYX butter gloss (which I’m yet to try) was what I decided on!

I’m a little sceptical of cheaper makeup palettes just because blending can be bad and I have sensitive skin and all that shit but I thought to try it nonetheless cause damn gurl look at those colours!! Bright n POPPING! Now I’ve only tried the shades Fearless and Underdog at the moments cause let’s be honest, pink eyeshadows are the best! I was super impressed with how pigmented and pretty they looked on. This is not a review on the palette at all (although I might do one), just needed to shout out with palette cause those pinks!! (heart eyes react lol) Watch out on my instagram because I’m planning on playing with this palette a lot more! Peep my bright pink look here. (This palette is only £8 so I’d recommend copping it, even if it’s just for those pinks)

Alright guys, so that rounds up my February and March highlights! (And also marks me finishing my classes for this semester!!!!!) I hope you guys enjoyed this post cause I thoroughly enjoyed looking back at not only what products and things I loved over these 2 months but also the key events for me as well.

Give your gal some support and like/comment and maybe even give me a cheeky follow? Let’s talk my guys, tell me what you’ve been loving this month or even a highlight event from this month?! I’d love to know! My Instagram is linked below! I might even make a Twitter for my blog..?

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9 thoughts on “february + march highlights

  1. Omg these are the CUTEST favs ever!!! AJ Traceys album is SO freaking good, I am literally obsessed. Have you listened to Dave’s album too?! Also woo you go girl, a night out is always needed and worth the hangover haha! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AJ is killing it right now and omg yes, PSYCHODRAMA is insane!! Girl why do we live so far apart, we’re destined to be besties 😭 can’t beat a night out but it’s fair to say i often take it TOOO far hahaha thank you so much for your constant love and support girl, love you so much Chloe! xxx


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