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london travels part 2: the world is your runway

LONDON PART 2. In case you missed out on my Sunday – Tuesday post about my trip then you can find it here. In this post I’m sharing with you what I did Wednesday through Thursday and what’s on the agenda for next time! Without further ado…

WEDNESDAY. After a good night’s sleep we headed across town to St Paul’s Cathedral. This is another place where photos are not permitted due to it being a religious place – and we out here NOT disrespecting anyone or anything in 2019! Another incredibly remarkable sight to see, gorgeous gold and marble interiors and even the exterior of the building is show stopping.

I’m not gonna lie, Euan and I are FEART when it comes to heights and in the Cathedral there’s this winding set of 259 stairs that lead to the Whispering Gallery. (You can bet my unfit ass was panting by the time I got to the top of them. The Whispering Gallery is literally a narrow balcony around the circumference of the top of the dome) And if climbing up 259 winding stairs wasn’t dizzying enough, looking over that balcony sent me into panic. It was A LOT higher up than we expected. And if you’re thinking of making a trip to the cathedral there’s another set of stairs that lead you to the upper part of the dome (but you can bet my wimpy ass that we never dared to go any further up cause I think I would’ve literally cried at how scared I would’ve been).

As soon as we reached the balcony we both just sat at the side trying to regain our senses and stop feeling dizzy before we swiftly went back down the spiral stairs and back to the safety of normal level ground. Lemme tell you, as remarkable as it is up there looking at the incredible structure of the building illuminated gold, I’m NEVER doing that shit again nuhuh.

Adjacent to St Paul’s Cathedral is the Millenium Bridge which crosses the Thames and leads straight the the Tate Modern at the other side. Although we never visited the Tate Modern we walked around the converted factory and found our way back to the underground heading towards Covent Gardens.

After a swift wander through Covent Gardens we got some pub food for lunch (how adventurous I know, and typically white from Euan). After a lovely wee bite to eat we wandered through Trafalgar Square, Picadilly Circus and Chinatown to see it in daylight. Then we headed along Oxford Street to do some window shopping and grab a coffee. Admittedly, I wish we did something a bit more exciting with the second half of our Wednesday but a wander about was quite therapeutic and fun.

THURSDAY. Home time, sad time. Our train wasn’t till 4pm so we spent the morning and early afternoon exploring Notting Hill and it’s colourful houses, then zoomed on down to Chinatown again for our last supper. (Dim sum is my favourite food ever, I’m obsessed and I’m sure Euans getting sick of it/me lol) Then began our incredibly boring 6 hour train journey back up the road to Scotland. (Excuse how unaesthetic this photo is of our dim sum, I swear down it was THE tastiest food ever!!)

A short but sweet summary of the rest of my trip (and admittedly the first couple of days were my favourite and a lot more action packed). We loved it SO much that we are already planning another trip down to London and here’s some of the things we want to do next time…

1. See a West End show! I wanted to do it this time round but since our trip was so last minute the tickets were extortionate for not very good seats. When I was younger I saw Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the West End and it was magical – I need to go see another one ASAP Rocky.

2. London Film Museum. I’ve heard from multiple people now that this museum is great so I definitely need to see what all the fuss is about!

3. Tate Modern. Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve. I did walk along the Millenium Bridge on my trip but I think it was too close to lunch time when I did and food was the only thing on my mind so uno, food always wins.

4. The Churchill War Rooms. As recommended by Euans parents. We planned to see this on our first full day in London but couldn’t manage to fit it in. Gotta get a bit of history in there next time too!

5. Vegan Restaurants. I’ve heard so many good things about all the vegan places to eat in London but never checked any out!

6. Shopping in Harrods. Lol gal needs to win the lottery first for this one.

7. Natural History Museum. Again. We only got round to doing half of this museum so I need to go back and see the other half now!

8. Wireless Festival. Last year’s wireless festival looked INSANE. Had some of my favourite UK artists there so if the line up is as good as last time I NEED to go.

Have you been to London? What do you recommend to do there? Please let me know in the comments or give me a message on my Instagram @shannonlee176. Thank you for reading, hope yous are having a wonderful week and enjoy this silly pic that Euan ruined! 💕

8 thoughts on “london travels part 2: the world is your runway

  1. Normally you can go to the Box Office on the day and they will have discounted seats available, although these are normally the unwanted seats so are quite far back and/or with an obstructed view. There is also a certain number of student tickets available. A website I would recommend is called Mousetrap or Westend for £10 where you can get £10 tickets to West End shows for yourself and anyone else who is signed up (so friends, boyfriend or siblings). Would highly recommend as I saw Wicked for £10 last week!
    Vegan restaurants are quite popular in London – I would recommend The Blacksmith and Toffeemaker in Angel (vegan pub, such good macaroni cheese) and By Chloe (Covent Garden and Tower Bridge). xx

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