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london travels part 1: adventure awaits, but first coffee


LONDON – my first destination of 2019 and definitely not my last! It’s safe to say that I have fallen in love with London all over again and I’ll be back very soon. No matter what time of day, or what time of year it is, you can always be certain to find something fun and interesting to do! And for me, it’s definitely somewhere I can picture myself living in the future (if I ever have the money that is)!

Because I love London so much and have lots of pictures to show and much to tell, I’m breaking my London trip up into two blog posts. This is part one of two – Sunday through Tuesday. This is going to be the bigger sum of what I did in London and will be followed shortly after with the rest of what I did on my trip and also what’s on my list to do in London next time! Without further ado…

We spent Saturday night in Newcastle for a friends 21st (peep my outfit selfie, I thought I looked poppin’), Euan and I set off to London on the Sunday. After an incredibly boring and long ass 4 hour train journey, we finally pulled into Kings Cross station. Previous to our trip we were warned to not battle the undergrounds between 4 and 6pm cause rush hour(s) uno. We quickly learnt that uber is your friend! See I’m just from a wee city where uber isn’t a thing at all so I’ve never used it before in my life. I was shocked by how handy it was in London and how many ubers are kicking about. So if you’re like me, from a wee city and you’re travelling to a big city, the one thing you NEED to know is put yo ass in an uber! (If anyone understands my stefflon don references that I keep dropping please hmu and let’s be friends)

We stayed in a lovely little studio apartment in a block called The Dome Sloane Square. Location was perfect and the room was lovely – what more could you want! It had a fridge, hob cooker, microwave and kitchenware which saved us a lot of money. (A box of coco pops and some milk done us for breakfast for the whole trip which was an absolute money saver! Who wants to spend a tenner on breakfast every morning at Starbucks or whatever – hell no gimme them coco pops £2 breakfast for 4 days hello yes call me the money saving expert!!)


Excited to be in the big city we headed out on a wander. We discovered the V&A, Natural History Museum and also Harrods were just a 10 minute walk from where we were staying (ideal location mhmm). On our first night we walked by Hyde Park, the Royal Mile, saw Buckingham Palace, Picadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, the London Eye, Big Ben covered in scaffolding and also had food in Chinatown! Yes, it was a very busy first night with A LOT of walking. We were able to check a lot off our list in the first night which was a great start to our trip!

MONDAY. Early to bed, early to rise – we did neither of these. Kicking off our Monday at about 11am at the Natural History Museum feeling refreshed and ready to go. We spent about 3 hours in the museum and probably didn’t even see half of what’s in there! Admittedly I’m still a lil creeped out by the section of animals preserved in jars but conversely I thoroughly enjoyed the Geography section in the museum. Earthquake simulator and learning about natural disasters was a lot of fun. (I’m a big nerd for all these science type things which I’m sure you’ll all come to realise if you haven’t already)


After visiting the Natural History Museum we took the underground down to Westminister Abbey. This was Euan’s favourite part of the trip (and it’s up there for me too). Westminister Abbey is an incredibly beautiful building inside and out. Unfortunately, photos are not permitted inside as it is a place of worship and also a ton of super important people are buried there – over all it’s just disrespectful to take photos in there. The part I loved most in Westminister was all the different scientist that are buried there – for example Isaac Newton and more recently Stephen Hawking all rest there. Monarchs, prime ministers and even writers such as Shakespeare, the Bronte sisters and C.S Lewis all appeared in the Abbey.

We proceeded to wander around and found THE cutest little coffee shop called Maitre Choux. I’m an absolute sucker for pink flowers and coffee shops so lemme tell you I was in HEAVEN. Peep my cute pics in this spot.


A quick stop at Harrods (cause I conveniently ran out of setting powder and totally didn’t want to just go for a lookie around all the expensive designer gear) then to itsu for a late tea. Again, something I’ve never had before and by god I loved it! Why do they not have one where I live? I need it in my life asap! Chicken teriyaki rice bowl and veggie gyoza on the side was exactly what I was needing after that long day.


TUESDAY. My friend Svet (who’s on my course also studying maths) lives in London so we went to meet up with her! She took us around the Camden Markets which were super cute and had lots of different food stalls to try. Unfortunately we didn’t spot any amazing finds clothing wise (hopefully next time), so we rushed off to the Tower of London and kept our spirits high. By the time we got across town to the Tower of London we only had about 2 hours in the castle. I’ve been before so I wasn’t so fussed about going to see this. II quite grudged paying a steep £23 for a student ticket if I’m honest (a lot lot more expensive than I thought). Nonetheless, the crown jewels were good to see and spending time with my friend and boyfriend was the real highlight of it! By the time we came out of the tower the sun was setting which made for some amazing pics.


Later Euan and I visited yet another flower power cafe – EL&N Cafe. Girl I’d live in London just for the cafes, they are beautiful! A quick coffee and some carrot cake for me, and a smoothie and strawberry cheesecake for Euan. This cafe, although incredibly aesthetic, I would say is overpriced and the atmosphere felt a bitty rushed. I felt like the staff were urging you out the door and to pay – I was paying my bill even though I’d only taken one drink out of my coffee. Especially compared to Maitre Choux, they were so laid back, with reasonable prices and it was a quiet chilled-out atmosphere. I’d definitely recommend going to Maitre Choux over EL&N cafe and hopefully I’ll go again next time I’m in London! I don’t mean to bash EL&N cafe at all, it is definitely the prettiest cafe I’ve ever been in and one for the gram but their service needs work I feel. (Their instagram is something else, and yes it does look exactly like the pics in person).


I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my first couple of days in London and my follow-up should be out over the weekend! Please like, comment and follow for more of ya gal. You can also find me on instagram @shannonlee176 and expect regular posts every Monday and Friday (with potentially extra posts in between if y’all are lucky). Thank you for reading gals!

10 thoughts on “london travels part 1: adventure awaits, but first coffee

  1. Great poat, love the photos! The flower wall/ceiling in Maitre Choux looks beaut 😍 I agree, London is such a great city with so much to do. It never gets boring! I’ve not been for a couple of years actually, but I’m hoping to get there again sometime this year. It seems as if you packed a fair bit in during your first few days!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, thank you so much for reading!! 💕 it was stunning, honestly loved it SO much! Yes definitely get yourself there, is so good – already planning my next trip back. X


  2. Your photos are so nice x I live in London yet don’t seem to appreciate all the nice places that much! Today my geography teacher revealed her best friend owns EL&N and I thought of your post!! xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I was thinking that when i was down there, l was all like do people that live here actually appreciate all this stuff 😂 omg really!!! They are such beautiful insta-perfect cafes I wanna go back to them! Thank you so much for ready as well lovely 💕

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!!! It was sooo much fun i want to go back already 😭 tell me about it! I wanna go to all the different cafes cause they all have different features to them and take pictures in them all!! Omg thank you so much, you’re amazing gal 😱😭 xxx


  3. London has so much beautiful coffee shops but they are so overpriced normally!! I just want a cute place with a £1.50 good coffee – is that too much to ask!? Will have to visit Maitre Choux though. My friend visited ELAN and she loved it there but perhaps it was less busy when they went?! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tell me about it!! Its so expensive down there but I love it nonetheless 🤷🏻‍♀️ definitely visit them both!! I loved how quirt Maitre Choux was, ELAN was such an insta kinda spot and was so pretty but yes maybe it was just a busy time i went!! Thank you for reading gal and all the support!! 💖 xx

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