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monthly favourites: january

January has been a lonnnggg ass month but also a very exciting one! I went to London on a wee holiday with my favourite person ever, I got my exam results from last semester (ya gal smashed it yo!!) and I’ve got stuck back into the 2nd semester of uni (hence the irregular posting). Overall it’s been a good month and start of the year for me, but also a very busy one!

In all honesty, with my time mostly being spent at uni (I’m in all day everyday lol) I haven’t had much time to myself or to try anything new at all. So since this is my very first monthly favourites post and I haven’t tried anything new or exciting this month, y’all are getting some of my notable favourites! These are just my all time favourite things I can’t live without or things I can never see myself falling out of love with – the best of the best!


These music favourites are definitely what I’m currently loving but have also been jammin’ to for some time now.

Mabel – Ivy to Roses (Album) 500x500

Alright guys, I discovered Mabel through listening to not3s and saw she was featured in one of his songs (My Lover, get on that hype) and looking into her was the best decision of my life. If you’re looking for an upbeat album that makes you feel like a bad ass bitch get on this ASAP!! My favourite tracks from this album are ‘Come Over‘ and ‘Lowkey‘ but if you’re just starting out listening to Mabel get ‘Finders Keepers‘ on!!

Stefflon Don – Secure (Album) 01-385983

I think this album along with Mabel’s Ivy to Roses single-handedly got me through my exams last semester. Another powerful album by the Don herself with my favourite track being ‘Precious Heavy‘ and ‘Free Drip Tony Montana‘. If you’re down with Nicki Minaj then get on the Stefflon Don hype cause she’s like the UK equivalent of Nicki (but in my opinion a million times better).

Ariana Grande 220px-ariana_grande_25e225802593_imagine

Right I’m not gonna lie but until ‘thank u, next‘ came out I slept on Ari sooo much. Only after ‘imagine‘ came out I was like “right maybe I should give Ari a proper chance” and it turned out to be such a power move for me. By that I mean her music just makes you feel so good and empowering, and like the other two, makes me feel like a bad ass bitch! (sorry for sleepin on you before Ari xx)


The Godfather by Mario Puzo 71tglhctscl

This is my absolute ALL-TIME favourite book ever. I love love love mafia/gang themed things (books/movies uno) and I just knew I had to read this book before I watched the movie and lemme tell you, if listening to Mabel was a good idea, this idea was better. The book is literally perfect and sooo easy to read. Since I’m not a big reader at all this was important for me and within 10 minutes of reading I was hooked. Although it took me a long time to read (slowest reader in existence lol) it was worth every single minute! I’m even reading the next book ‘The Sicilian‘ currently which is also just as good.
If you’re considering reading this book DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE. In all honesty, I hate the movie. Don’t tarnish your image of the book with the movie cause I’ve literally never been so disappointed with a movie in my whole life. (This has turned into a wee rant, I’m so sorry but seriously) The movie has incredible reviews but it has nothing on the book – it doesn’t do it justice at all. I know everyone says this about books and movies but I feel this comparison is on another level! 100000/10 would recommend this book.

Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

By the same author as Fight Club so you know this is gonna be a little bit more out there and you bet it is! It’s about a 13 year old girl who wakes up in Hell believing she had died from a marijuana overdose. The story follows her around her journeys through Hell and also shows what her life was like when she was alive. It’s a great and much shorter read than the Godfather, so if you’re looking for a book that’s a little bitty different then I’d definitely recommend this one!


A Bronx Tale 220px-a_bronx_tale

Directed by and starring Chazz Palminteri with Robert de Niro gives my favourite mafia/gangster film to date! All about a little boy who grows up in the Bronx with the Italian mafia on his doorstep, following his journey growing up with such a corrupt gang nearby with hints of romance and family drama – it’s all I ever wanted and more. I have watched this movie AT LEAST 10 times and I would’ve watched it more if it hadn’t gotten taken off Netflix!! (Still raging)

Fight Club

Right folks, I’m sorry to say I canny tell you what this movies about – it’s just the rules. But what I can tell you is that I’ve watched this movie probably close to 30 times and have it on DVD. It’s also possibly the only movie I’ve watched that I think is better than the book. Tbh I just think the writing style of the book put me off from enjoying it so much, but it is still a very good read.


Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills 9_0_9_2_3468879

In all honesty I don’t own much makeup at all, and even less eyeshadow palettes at that. Out of all the cheap palettes I’ve had and also trying different Naked palettes, this is by far my favourite! Super pigmented with the loveliest set of colours – it’s right up my street. I definitely need to get some more eyeshadow palettes asap so please HMU with nice, pigmented palette recommendations!!

Tiffany & Co. Eau De Parfum

I got this perfume as a gift for Christmas which was sooo unexpected and is up there as one of my favourite perfumes right now! The bottle is super cute as it is designed to reflect Tiffany’s most famous and biggest diamond. The scent isn’t too overpowering, quite light and a lil floral I’d say. Super nice for every day wear or for a special occasion!

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 20190105_001822.jpg

Now I wrote about this product before and you can find my review here if you’re interested – it was my very first review on my blog!! You should check it out to understand why I love this product so much and why I rave about it.


Now I could write ALL day about music and movies and all that stuff I love but I think I’ll save some for another time! What having you been loving this month? Have you listened/watched/read any of my favourites? LET’S TALK. Comment down below and don’t forget to give this a cheeky like and give ya gal a cheeky follow if you haven’t already! Also, if you’d like to see more favourites posts let me know! X

8 thoughts on “monthly favourites: january

  1. I loved this post so much and I am so happy January has treated you well. Mine has been so busy too!! I have the ABH palette and it is gorgeous, their other palettes look stunning too but I have heard Revolution do amazing dupes, which would be great for you to build up your collection! xx

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  2. SO Many good things on this list. ❤ I'm a die-hard fan of The Godfather & A Bronx Tale. I really want to read The Godfather books and see the musical version of A Bronx Tale.
    Also, I'm such an Ari fan so I'm glad she's finally having her big breakthrough moment right now on the pop scene.

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    1. Thank you gal!! I didn’t even know there was A Bronx Tale musical but now I NEED to see it! The godfather book is insane, I couldn’t even compare the movie to it. Ari definitely deserves all the success she is getting atm, love her so much!! Thank you for reading gal 💖 x


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